Brigitte Bardot…sexy & iconic

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Dressing Like Brigitte Bardot!

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    Accentuate your waist!  Brigitte was known for having the legendarily tiny  waist of 22 inches.   She often wore corset-like outfits that showcased this.  A  good way to accentuate your waist is by wearing belts around dresses, which is a  trick Brigitte often used.  Belts, corset-style waists, and tight clothes in  general are a good start.

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    Show off your legs!  Brigitte was a dancer in her youth, so her legs were  very long and lean.  She made sure to take advantage of that fact as well, often  wearing extremely short skirts and dresses.

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    Wear Capri pants!  The 1950s (when Brigitte became popular) were the birth of  popularity for Capri (also known as highwater) pants.  Not only did Brigitte  often sport this stylish, youthful, fun-loving look, but so did Audrey Hepburn.   Wearing Capri pants are a great way to encapsulate the fun-loving, flirtatious,  and young Brigitte Bardot vibe of the 1950s.

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    Apply liquid eyeliner!  Brigitte was legendary for her sultry dark liquid  eyeliner.  Make sure to apply your liquid eyeliner carefully, almost imitating a  “cat eye” look at the ends of your eyes.  This is the perfect way to complete  your Brigitte style look, smoldering stare and all.

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    Get sexy, tousled, straight-out-of-bed hair!  The key way to achieve  Brigitte’s hair look is to make sure your hair has a lot of volume – she was  known for having “high hair.”  Also, to accompany her sex kitten image, her hair  was always slightly disheveled giving her that “bedroom”  look.


    A beauty icon


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French Chic…7 Essentials No French Woman Would Be Without

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This is a base of  7 essentials that your entire wardrobe will revolve around, plus eight extras that I will explain about later. Quality and fit are what is most important here.

1.  A Black Straight skirt                       2.  A V-Neck or a Cardigan Sweater

3. A suit                                                      4.  A Pair of Jeans

5. A White Shirt                                           6. A Couple of White T-Shirts

7. An Hermes Scarf

Skirt is best made out of a good wool gabardine in colder weather & a linen or cotton for the summer. If you have good legs above or just to the knee. Otherwise a bit longer to mid calf is fine. N0 waistband is best.

For the sweater I like cashmere that is a 2-ply. It lasts for years! I still have cashmere sweaters I bought 25 years ago!  These can be expensive so if your budget doesn’t allow this splurge then a cashmere blend, silk or merino wool.

For the suit, fit, fabric & workmanship is everything. Plan on investing at least $300 or more and make sure that the styling is current and it flatters your figure. I like wool gabardine, silk, or a blend with 2 to 3% spandex.  Avoid  all cotton if  at all possible. Flat front pants are best. Make sure the pants fit well as well as the jacket. Avoid double breasted styles unless you are tall and very thin.

JEANS….well get a pair that fit you fabulously and compliment your frame and figure. A darker wash is the best but I do love the worn out wash too which is lighter. Get a pair for when you wear heels & a pair for flatter shoes

The white shirt is a classic that never goes out of style. I love Ralph Lauren white shirts which are fine cotton but Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew,  DKNY, and Michael Kors all ALL  have good choices. Fit is essential again here & check to make sure the buttons are good quality and the blouse is comfortable. Silk is another option here but cotton is the best

A couple of good quality cotton white T-shirts. The best are a man’s cotton T-shirt like Fruit of the Loom or Hanes. It is best worn slightly oversized so buy them even larger so after they are washed & dried & they shrink they are still a bit larger.

An Hermes Scarf is not only high class but there are so many ways to wear one! Thank God I bought a half dozen in the 80’s for $100 a piece. New they are now from $300 to $600 respectively . However you can find them used on Ebay & Etsy so check. Hermes exudes class and the scarves are really works of art. You can wear one as a halter, several ways around your neck, as a belt, tied around your head several ways, around your shoulders or on your handbag…the list goes on.

Fit is everything and if you feel good you will look good. Tomorrow I will discuss the 8 extras to add to these pieces.

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Fashion Attitude

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Coco Chanel...Style Icon

Above is Coco Chanel, a style icon and someone I admire.

All my life I have loved fashion from as far back as I can remember. It started with my Barbie whom I dressed with care and contemplation. Then there was the first day of school. I could not make up my mind which dress to wear. Of course I wanted to look spiffy on that first day. So eventually I chose an outfit and couldn’t wait to get to school. How simple life was back then.

I began making my own clothes when I was thirteen. All through junior high & high school I would comb the magazines like Seventeen, Vogue, and Harpers and then make my knock-offs of the latest styles.  Of course I had to put my twist on it. It was about being an individual, a mindset I stick to to this day! I began working as a costumer in the summers  in my teens and walking into Western Costume was mind-blowing. ALL those great clothes worn by every movie star who ever lived. It was a lot to take in yet fantastic! My best fashion advice is to be yourself. Define your style & know what you look good in.

Check back for my first post about the basics of a fashion wardrobe.  Learn why FIT is everything!

Also, my best and latest beauty finds tried and true!


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Hello world!

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Can’t wait to start sharing…SO much to put on here!

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